Policies and Procedures

Rose of Sharon Equestrian School, Inc. is dedicated to providing equine facilitated learning experiences and therapeutic horsemanship opportunities for individuals, especially children and young adults, who have special needs.While there are inherent risks with any activity involving horses, when such activities are carefully undertaken with safety utmost in mind, the benefits outweigh the risks. While ROSES strives to be an inclusive program, it is our policy to carefully evaluate all prospective participants to determine their eligibility for acceptance into the program. Factors impacting this decision may include: instructor expertise, equine suitability, volunteer availability, as well as the precautions and contraindications of a particular disability. In addition, all students must obtain clearance from attending physicians and therapists prior to participation.

As with many therapeutic riding centers across the country, Rose of Sharon maintains a waiting list of students wanting to take part in a therapeutic horsemanship program. If you are interested in pursuing placement, please print, complete, and mail the new student application. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to check on the status of your application once you have submitted it.